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Individuals and companies have come to trust Kiker Investigations for fast and reliable services. Before you put your trust in a new employee, put your trust in Kiker Investigations for current, reliable criminal background checks and employment checks.

For your convenience, Kiker Investigation has comprised the most commonly requested background check by our clients for an easy online purchase. Check out our Price List Now. If you need a search or information not listed here or want a customized search package, please contact us.

At Kiker Investigations we take pride in providing up-to-date and accurate information to our clients. We utilize state of the art technology, databases that search over 4 billion records and experienced Licensed Private Investigators to provide our clients with the information they need. If you ever have any questions about a search or your search results, please contact us.

There are many internet based companies that offer searches. Many of these companies are NOT Licensed Private Investigators and often provide inaccurate or out-of-date information. Remember the cheapest is not always the best.

There is more to conducting a search or background investigation than just running information through a database. To obtain accurate information when conducting a search or criminal background check, you must conduct an investigation. Certain databases have at least a 6 month backlog. To conduct a thorough investigation, you need an experienced Private Investigator. Kiker Investigations can accomplish all of your investigative needs.

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