In today's business world top and bottom line management is more focused on cost containment and cost reduction than ever before. The ability to measure and contain operating expenses is a key driver in the sustainability of businesses in the current economic environment. Today the ability to grow sales as the primary channel to increased profitability is so constricted by economic downturn that many businesses are forced to focus on cost containment and cost reduction to attain the same goal. Businesses that formerly paid lip service to cost containment and cost reduction are now forced to wade into the arena of identification and implementation of various tasks that monitor and control waste in the businesses’ operating process.

One of the key drivers for many companies is employee mileage reimbursement. It is also one of the areas many businesses have failed to manage in the past. There are many aspects of travel cost and reimbursement that just seem impossible to monitor and control. Until recently, one of those aspects was actual vehicular traffic pattern.

Kiker Investigations LLC is proud to offer GPS Tracking Service as a simple solution to this problem that offers the user the potential to accurately monitor, measure, and control vehicular mileage expenses. Applied properly, this tool can potentially save a business significant operating expenses. Our proven monitoring process enables the employer to know exactly where each vehicle in the fleet has traveled during any specified period of time that the monitoring device is in place on the vehicle. This aspect of cost is the single most important driver in mileage reimbursement expenses. To control actual mileage recordation takes all estimation and miscalculation out of the equation.

We offer a short term test program that allows the employer an opportunity to determine the value of our total program application at minimal cost during this phase. Kiker Investigations will install, monitor and assist the employer in the collection and recordation of mileage on all fleet vehicles. Our program is created to provide a business with the ability to maximize fleet usage and minimize operating expenses.

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