Kiker Investigations combines expert personnel and state of the art technology to deliver the evidence you need, quickly and cost-effectively.

We can help you in a number of situations, including:
- To defend yourself in a lawsuit where there is lack of adequate evidence to prove yourself innocent.
- To expose a cheating girlfriend / spouse.
- To ensure your personal safety.
- To support your cause in divorce cases.
- To screen candidates for your organization.
- To screen bodyguards before hiring them.
- To ensure the safety of your children.
- To track someone's assets.
- To validate the identity of someone with whom you are planning to engage in business operations.

The reports from our private investigators can save you thousands of dollars, save guard your reputation or even your life.

A dedicated private investigator will be assigned to handle your case As soon as you sign up with us an investigator will be assigned to handle your case.  He will be dedicated to your cause and will ensure that your investigation gets due attention.

When it comes to private investigations, timing is very important and we will always operate keeping your best interests in mind.

With Kiker Investigations, you are absolutely safe. We never compromise the safety of our clients at any point in time and our decades of the best reputation will vouch for this fact.

We have a large team of private investigators that will immediately get on to your case and swiftly provide you with exceptional reports which will accurately detail what we've done and provide you with your information.
~ Legal Process Service
~ Criminal Background Checks
~ GPS Tracking
~ Missing Persons

No hassles.  Simple to begin.  Low cost.  Highest quality.

Kiker Investigations is a fully licensed service provider in North Carolina.  We offer years of experience in private investigation services, which puts us in a vantage point amidst many of our competition.

All your private investigations will be handled only by fully qualified and well trained private investigators.

We offer highly discreet private investigation services. All your personal information is safe with us and we guarantee 100% confidentiality.

We deliver consistently dependable services, no matter what your needs are.

We guarantee 100% accurate reports with uncontestable evidences to support your cause.  We price our services to be highly competitive,  without sacrificing quality.

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