All security personnel are trained in the techniques of securing life and property, and hold related certifications.
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Our officers are aware of the liability involved with protecting your people and property.  And they understand that proper training greatly mitigates those liabilities.  We have a higher standard for our officers and do not accept inadequate performance.  Why?  Because we provide security for some of our nation's most important military installations.  So we train to meet military standards.

Armed officers are highly skilled in handling and firing their weapons and recognizing situations where use of firearms are not only acceptable but required. 
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We are a highly regulated industry.  We comply with every aspect of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety Private Protective Services Board requirements (website).
Anyone can choose a security company.  Choosing the RIGHT one can be a challenge.  Let us help you - with no obligation on your part.  We will go over the many aspects of having a security service, some you may not yet  have considered.  You'll see how we are "full service", right from the start.
We provide security for all types of events, from weddings and funerals, to private parties, festivals, parades, marathons and sporting events.
The way uniformed officers dress and act around your facility/property is a reflection of your business.  Our officers will wear neat, clean professional uniforms or tactical uniforms (your preference) and duty equipment that are in good repair.  We maintain a well stocked supply room to ensure they are outfitted properly.  They look sharp.  They act sharp.  They know they reflect on you and act accordingly.  You can really see the difference.
Are you considering a change from your current security arrangement?  We keep all inquiries confidential.  We would like to have the chance to show you how you can get the best security protection, so please call and ask for Jeff.
We provide security 24/7 and also on an "as-needed" basis across North Carolina.

Our customers include military installations, factory and corporate environments.
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Firearms Qualification

~ Armored Car Service - Secure, discrete transportation of your valuables.

~ Risk Management - Security assessment and advisement for every aspect of your business, family or personal security.
Here's a tip - when considering how much of your budget to allocate toward security, think about the value of the people and/or property you want to protect.  Today's world offers new threat challenges to people and property which requires a better prepared individual.  The "night watchman" type security guard service just doesn't work anymore.  It's a higher liability, and when tested and fails, can cost you much more than you saved by hiring them.  Not to mention the larger company's bureaucracy you have to wade through when there's a problem.

It's not unusual for us to gain new customers who tried to save a few dollars and found they bought headaches.

We're not the least expensive security service and we don't want to be.  Our officer pay structure attracts the more qualified people.  The training they receive comes from expert, highly qualified experienced instructors who each carry multiple certifications.  With better trained officers you expect, and get, much better service.  We expect it, you can too.  It's a better value, and it just makes sense to not go for the least expensive service to stand between you and the person who wants to harm your people or take your property. 

You'll see the difference as soon as you have our officers on board.

Kiker PI License: 3222
P&G Security License: 415-P2
An equal employment opportunity employer.
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