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Chrystal Davis

Chrystal started with P & G Security Guard, Inc. for 5 years ago as a secretary and worked her way to office manager. She left the department of social services to join us here at P & G. She currently specializes in NCPPSB paperwork and employee files. She has attended several NCPPSB trainings to stay up to date on the requirements and training standards to better help P & G stay in compliance with the regulatory board. She also helps make sure payroll and invoicing is correct for our clients.

She has grandchildren that she dotes on and cannot put down when she is at home. Spending time with family is important.



Terri Spry

Terri came to P & G Security Guard, Inc. in December 2010 and was assigned to get our new scheduling and invoicing program up to speed. With little training from previous staff she jumped right in and made it happen. She excelled in putting policies in place that makes the system very valuable to employee pay and invoicing. This system requires each person to call in and out at each job assignment which make our accountability to our clients invaluable.




Frank Kiker

Frank purchased P & G Security Guard, Inc. in early 1972 while working several jobs at one time as a general laborer to a sheriff’s deputy. When he retired nearly 28 years later he challenged his son Jeff to work with him and build the business he has always wanted, so he could be self-sufficient. Since that time, P & G  Security Guard, Inc. has grown from 8 officers to nearly 150, working all over NC. He also began the investigative, armored car and courier services, making P & G  a very diverse agency.

When he retired again, he moved to Florida and is currently working on making P&G d/b/a Kiker Security, a force to be reckoned with there.



Jeff Kiker

Jeff has been the president of P & G Security, Inc. since 1985 but has been active as a security officer since the mid 1970’s working job sites like every other officer. He feels it is important to never forget what the officer has to go through to get the job done so he still works sites as needed. Jeff holds several license to include federal firearms license, NCPPSB unarmed trainer, NCPPSB armed trainer, NC CCW instructor, NRA, home self-defense instructor, Register Nurse, OC instructor, Scuba Dive Master, Executive VP for the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators and member of other boards. He is active in training the security officers, being part of the NC Private Protective Services Board meetings, going to our state capital and DC to meet with leaders to make sure the security officer and private investigator can provide the services to the best of their ability.

Jeff spent 3 years in the Army before leaving as a specialist in the military police working in Maryland and Europe. He is very active in as an elder and operates the sound system at his church, treasurer of the church brotherhood and trains the church personnel what actions to take in the event of an emergency. He spent over 15 years as a member of the Rowan County Rescue Squad and remains an honorary member today.



Major Perry

Major Perry is a native of Kannapolis, North Carolina. He is a veteran of the United States Army, serving in the United States Army Security Agency as an intelligence analyst from February 1971 to March 1985. His duty assignments included numerous duty assignments in the Pacific, as well as Europe. In the continental United States, he was assigned to duty stations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Texas, Oklahoma, and Washington. After leaving the Army, he worked for over twenty years in the commercial construction industry as a construction manager and consultant. He majored in Business Administration at the University of Maryland and Columbia College, as well as studying radiologic technology at Baylor University. Major Perry has been with P & G Security Guard, Inc. since 2001.

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